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Our Aggregator Service

Empowering developers to take their creations to the next level, our aggregator service provides seamless integration of mobile money and SMS services. With a single integration, access multiple providers and expand the capabilities of your projects. Say goodbye to multiple API integrations and complicated implementation processes, and embrace the ease of a unified solution.


This service connects organizations to multiple mobile carriers through a single API or web interface, streamlining the process of sending large volumes of SMS messages through:

  • Airtel Uganda
  • Mtn Uganda


We provide aggregator services to people seeking to integrate payments into their systems through:

  • Mtn mobile money
  • Airtel Money
  • Credit card payements

Discover Endless Possibilities with Our One-Stop Aggregator Service

Experience the convenience of finding everything in one place. Our powerful aggregator simplifies your search, saving time and unlocking endless possibilities.

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